Attache BI Integration

.wms has a comprehensive connection toolkit available to work with Attache BI using the Attache ODBC and KFI tools. Need more information about how the Attache connector works? Get in touch with us today to talk about how .wms can work with your Attache BI installation.

Customer Orders and Customer Invoices to .wms Shipments

When a Customer Order or Customer Invoice is created in Attache, a corresponding shipment is automatically created in .wms. The connector toolkit can also be configured to update Customer Orders based on the shipment to automatically backorder unsupplied items and to generate invoices.

Supplier Orders to .wms Receipts

When a Supplier Order is created in Attache, a corresponding receipting job is automatically created in .wms to allow for full scan verification of receipted goods.

.wms Consumable and Stock Orders to Attache Supplier Requisitions

When a stock or consumable item order is entered through .wms, a Supplier Requisition is automatically created.

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